Dyed my hair for the fourth time in less than three days. I’m surprised my hair hasn’t fallen off… Other than the fact that I went from blonde to bleach blonde to orange/red to now violet red, I’m super happy with the results.

Anonymous: what colour did you use?

First I bleached my entire head for about thirty minutes, then I achieved my hair color by using a boxed dye (belle? I think?) in the color “red auburn”.

Wassup orange/red hair?!

If someone’s staring at me, I’ll look them dead in the eyes till they look away. Am I the only one who has staring contests with people? Do any of y’all do that too?

"Rule # 12: Only three types of people tell the truth: kids, drunk people, and anyone who is pissed the fuck off."

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Oh my god. Travis got me the onesie I wanted! And I’m currently taking a piss in the bathroom and the seat is heated and oh my god. I’ve actually never been to a restaurant like this and I’m really happy and just urgh.